CV220x (G1-APEX SoC)

CV2201 ChipThe CV220x is a family of system-on-chip image cognition processors (ICPs) designed for high volume vision applications.

The heart of CV220x ICPs is CogniVue’s first generation APEX core, or G1-APEX. This patented technology delivers exceptional performance per area per power. The G1-APEX core is user programmable to suit best application needs.

The CV220x ICPs provide advanced vision processing performance and a wide range of interfaces at reduced dimension and power consumption.

CV220x ICP Family (Industrial Qualified) include:

Freescale Semiconductor provides automotive qualified image cognition processors (ICP) in their SCP2200 family. These are pin compatible with CogniVue CV220x.


Smart user interfaces

People tracking, audience measurement

Broad range of after-market automotive vision systems (on Freescale SCP2200):

For a detailed description of the CV220x features and benefits, see the CV220x Product Brief.