Product Development
 Product Development

A growing number of applications such as cameras used in cars for enhancing driver safety and cameras for video monitoring and surveillance demand sophisticated video analysis for pattern detection, recognition and classification features. The CV220x series of programmable ICPs are well-suited to these smart camera based markets by enabling real-time embedded image and video analytics powered by massively parallel array processor technology - APEX. CV220x ICPs offer the following key features:

CV2201 Chip Image
  • Multi-core architecture delivering highest performance for equivalent power and size alternatives
  • Comprehensive SDK with video and image applications, and image cognition libraries
  • CV2201 is equipped with stacked 16MByte SDRAM and CV2202 interfaces to large external SDRAM
  • Automotive qualified variants available

Find the CV220x Product Brief and CV220x Data Sheet for details on our CV2201 and CV2202 Image Cognition Processors in our knowledge center.

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