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Cognivue® provides significant benefits for physicians, hospitals, clinics and a wide variety of health care providers. Placed on a desk or a mobile cart, the self-administered test focuses on key cognitive domains: motor and visual function perceptual processing, memory testing and executive functions.

Our patient centric cognitive health solution is backed by the science of adaptive psychophysics. The test unit is comprised of three patented components that all work together: the CogniWheel™, the CogniCover™, and CogniSystem™. While the CogniWheel minimizes all variances in patient response performance, resulting in better outcomes, the CogniCover limits distractions, promoting patient’s attention and focus throughout the test.  The CogniSystem is an algorithm that automatically calculates a single clinical score that is easy to interpret and understand.

The Cognivue test was designed to easily fit into your office workflow, producing a simple and easy-to-interpret report with clinical correlations. Cognivue provides consistency as each device is uniformly calibrated so you’re able to compare scores regardless of the location the patient took the test in, eliminating human subjectivity/inaccuracy. Patients cannot learn the test after repeated sessions and we will help train staff, as well as help doctors and nurses to adopt the technology into your daily process. Cognivue is reimbursable.

Cognivue has been easily adopted by primary care family practices as well as neurologists, psychiatrists, pain and sleep specialists and geriatricians. It is most often administered during an annual wellness visit or regular office visit and included in the overall patient work up before making treatment decisions.

Cognivue eliminates uncertainty about a patient’s cognitive status and provides a new valuable patient service that can attract new patients to your practice. This test helps you do what you do best—identify the problem, find a solution, and ultimately, elevate the standard of care for your patients.

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It’s an excellent tool in cognitive assessment! I use the results to reassure patients, to prompt further testing, and to follow patients longitudinally.

Dr. L. Algase, Partners in Internal Medicine


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