Audiology Advisory Committee

Jackie Clark, AuD

Doctor of Audiology Program,
University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Clark teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses, supervises practicum experiences of AuD students, has published numerous articles and book chapters, and lectured in many parts of the world.  Some of her research interests and publications involve speech perception in noise performance, cognitive influences on audition, demographics of hearing loss in indigenous populations, ethical challenges in clinical audiology, impacting and promoting best clinical practices while serving in underserved regions, cultural influences in help seeking behaviors, and updating and confirming efficacy of clinical measures used in audiology practices for adults and pediatric populations. She maintains her international research perspective by collaborating with universities globally and regularly consulting with the World Health Organization.

Hannah Glick, AuD, PhD, CCC-A

Founder, the HEARO Project, LLC

With professional experience extending across healthcare, academic, industry, government, and entrepreneurial settings, Dr. Glick completed her AuD and combined triple PhD at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She holds positions at the University of Colorado-Boulder and Metropolitan State University of Denver and is the founder of The HEARO Project, LLC, a future-focused research and clinical consulting agency. Dr. Glick’s research focuses on the link between hearing loss, cognition, and overall social-emotional well-being. Her work has been featured in scientific publications and book chapters around the world and she has given numerous presentations nationally.

Keith Darrow, PhD

Co-founder, AuDExperts

 His contributions to hearing and cognitive healthcare include his research publications, best-selling patient education books, national speaking tour, private practice owner, tenured professor, and co-founder of AuDExperts. Dr. Darrow is a champion of the private practitioner and believes the specialist is the most important piece of hearing healthcare.

Douglas A. Lewis JC, PhD, AuD, MBA

President and CEO, Excalibur Hearing and Audiology

He currently performs a variety of hearing and balance healthcare and telehealth services in seven states as well as working with both military active-duty personnel and veterans. He is a member of more than 20 professional societies and a very sought-after author, speaker, entrepreneur, and professor. Dr. Lewis is also a licensed attorney along with numerous other professional licenses, runs another parallel business consulting company, and an accomplished musician performing with his band Paradygm Shyft. Dr Lewis is very excited about the new stand-alone facility and is actively seeing patients there.

Jill Davis, AuD

Owner, Victory Hearing and Balance

She specializes in advanced digital hearing aid fittings and has extensive training and experience working with all major hearing aid manufacturers. Dr. Davis has a passion for improving communication for patients and believes music has a significant impact on our ability to understand speech. She always adheres to Best Practices established by the recognized professional organizations AAA, ADA, and ASHA and using comprehensive diagnostic assessment protocols.

Al Turri, AuD

Audiology Director, The Villages Health System

He earned his master’s degree in audiology from the university of south Florida in 2001 and a doctoral degree from the Pennsylvania college of optometry school of audiology in 2006. Dr. Turri began screening cognition in 2016 and is now passionate about educating patients and providers on the role of the audiologist in cognitive health screening.