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Cognivue® is the world’s first FDA-cleared test of cognitive function. Cognivue objectively, quantitatively and reliably identifies changes in cognitive function that could be indicative of an impairment that may be optimally treated or managed

It’s personalized, consistent and reliable.

The health care system tests routinely for conditions such as cervical cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, colon cancer, etc., but there is no consistent standard of care around cognitive health testing. Cognitive testing is often performed too late when cognitive functions are moderate or severely impaired. In addition, current cognitive testing consists of simple decade-old tests performed either with paper and pencil or embedded in a computer. Cognivue elevates the current standard of care as it relates to cognitive testing.

Early and accurate diagnosis leads to better disease management, patient outcomes and improved quality of life. It also can lower state and patient costs through an orderly plan for care, rather than one filled with crisis, frequent hospital visits and unanticipated expenses. Alzheimer’s can be a cruel disease. While there is yet no cure, early diagnosis and disease management can help ease the burden on patients, their families and the state budget. We urge our lawmakers to support this reasonable budget allocation.

Bruce L. Miller, professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco, and director of the UCSF dementia center.


I have used Cognivue for over 8 years. This testing allows me to share cognitive assessments of my patients that provide a personalized, easily understood score.

Diego Cahn-Hidalgo, MD.


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