Employee Wellness

Optimizing Your Employees Cognitive Health 

Make Cognitive Health Part of Your Overall Employee Wellness and Mental Health Platform 

Cognitive screening as a wellness offering helps optimize productivity and manage costs while empowering employees to take control of their cognitive health. 

Cognivue in the workplace

Early detection and early intervention are key to optimizing cognitive health. We work together with employees to create a workplace environment that promotes cognitive health and reinforces the importance of establishing a baseline cognitive score and tracking cognition over time. 

Cognivue can support Employee Wellness events and offers a comprehensive ‘easy to implement’ package including pre-event educational and promotional materials. Cognitive testing can be effectively integrated into wellness programs such as tobacco cessation, cardiovascular disease risk reduction and nutrition.  

Cognivue provides:

  • Free screening demonstrations
  • Education materials for employees
  • Banners and displays
  • Promotional flyers and marketing support 

CogniWell Program

Cognivue’s guide to understanding cognition, the underlying diseases that may affect cognitive function and suggested lifestyle habits that empower you to achieve optimal cognitive health.

Early detection and proper cognitive health management are key to overall brain health and quality of life. 

Resource Links:

The Cognivue Thrive Experience

Cognivue Thrive Introductory Video


This is the next step to bringing value to my community by promoting cognitive health and using this device to conduct cognitive screenings.

Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP.


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