Law Enforcement

Cognivue Thrive provides law enforcement a broad solution for assessing drug impaired cognitive function.

Driving impairment from drugs (both legal and illegal) is posing a major threat to public safety. With the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, legislators are faced with an increased pressure to issue guidance and policy. Drug Recognition Experts(DRE) provide a front line screening and Cognivue can support law enforcement in this process to ensure appropriate conviction or acquittal rates. Cognitive screenings will further protect the communities at large and vindicate those who may have used a substance but are not impaired.

Cognivue Thrive adds a layer of scientific evidence that validates DRE assessment when there is a drug impairment and may also vindicate those who may have used a substance but are not impaired. It provides a way to focus on the impairment rather than solely focusing on the detection of a drug or drugs.

Cognivue Thrive screens key cognitive domains for driving.

  • Executive Function – Ability to pay attention, problem solve, reason, have proper judgement and control impulsive behaviors. Important in proper driver behavior, in estimating time or distance and anticipate consequences while driving.
  • Memory Ability to store and use information when needed. Essential for proper executive function abilities.
  • Reaction Time  – Time between perceiving a stimulus and physically reacting to it, including sudden stopping or turning.
  • Processing Speed – Time to process and complete a mental task based on strategy, memory and acquired skills. It’s how much time we take to mentally strategize our actions while driving.

Cognivue for Law Enforcement

  • Add a clinically proven, sensitive, sophisticated, and standardized tool for measuring cognitive function.
  • Used with DRE field assessment, blood or chemical test, Cognivue Thrive can assist law enforcement correlate true evaluation of impairment.
  • Add an additional layer of evidence to the prosecution of drug- impaired driving.
  • Portable, 5-minute screening, that’s easy to administer.

The Cognivue Thrive Experience

Cognivue Thrive Introductory Video


Incorporating Cognivue Thrive can expand the diagnostic assessment of the patient’s overall health picture, allowing more comprehensive vision care.

Dr. Michael Pier, OD.


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