Healthy vision leads to healthy cognition.

How optometrists can be on the front line of promoting cognitive health and detecting early cognitive decline.

The American Optometric Association reports a strong association between vision impairment and cognitive decline.

  • The study demonstrates the causal link between severe vision impairment and declines in cognitive function.
  • Cognitive decline and vision impairment often co-occur but the relationship between the two may be a modifiable trait.
  • Interventional strategies to postpone vision impairment may contribute to maintaining physical and cognitive function as we age.

For Optometrists:

  • Optometry can be a clear leader in driving early detection of cognitive decline and potentially slowing its progression by emphasizing the recommended use of best visual correction.
  • Cognivue allows optometrists to deliver world-class patient care and service by developing and setting industry best practices with innovation and interprofessional collaboration.
  • Cognitive screening aligns with visual performance to help eye care professionals differentiate their practices and reinforce prescription wear.
  • It’s a logical extension to include cognitive decline screening as part of the overall testing protocol given its association with vision problems.
  • Healthy vision leads to healthy aging!

Optometry White Paper

View white paper “Cognivue Allows Eyecare Professionals to Address Cognitive Decline in Their Patients” by Scott Sedlacek.  Dr. Sedlacek is the owner of The Eye Place, an optometry practice located in Olmsted Falls, OH.

"Incorporating Cognivue Thrive as part of an Optometrist’s overall baseline health screening can expand the diagnostic assessment of the patient’s overall health picture, allowing more comprehensive vision care," Dr. Michael Pier, OD.

"What's really exciting is that optometrists can recommend lifestyle changes to delay vision impairment and at the same time help maintain both cognitive function and physical health as people age," Dr. Scott Sedlacek, OD.

The Cognivue Thrive Experience

Cognivue Thrive Introductory Video


This is the next step to bringing value to my community by promoting cognitive health and using this device to conduct cognitive screenings.

Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP.


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