One Page Test Results

Cognivue® test results are easy to understand and easy to communicate. A single clinical score is summarized in a one-page report.

Upon completion of a self-administered 10 minute test, Cognivue immediately creates a one-page, easy-to-interpret report with a single clinical score of cognitive function. Using this score, physicians can create a customized plan with the patient and their families for a continued course of action if needed. If they pass and no action is needed, they have a baseline for future comparison. A sample test report is broken into four sections.

Performance Profile

  • Simple scoring easy to understand and communicate.
    • Scores ≥ 75: Normal cognitive function
    • Scores 51-74: Low-moderate cognitive impairment
    • Scores ≤ 50: Severe cognitive impairment

Bar Graphs

  • Graph encourages discussion with patient and family about results
  • Provide specific feedback in ten areas affecting brain health and cognitive function.

Response Traces

  • Records individual sub-test performances
  • A high position on the line graph indicates good performance

Identifying Patient Information

  • Name, birth date, date and time of test and other identification


It’s an excellent tool in cognitive assessment! I use the results to reassure patients, to prompt further testing, and to follow patients longitudinally.

Dr. L. Algase, Partners in Internal Medicine


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