Cognivue Advanced

Cognivue Advanced is the World's first FDA-cleared computerized test of cognitive function.  

Cognivue Advanced

Cognivue is a sensitive, sophisticated evaluation free of common biases associated with current cognitive testing. It is based on over 15 years of research focusing on the early detection of late-life cognitive decline (LLCD) and dementia.

This unique, 10-minute self-administered computerized assessment, is easy to incorporate into the workflow of a busy practice. Cognivue Advanced immediately generates a report that’s easy-to-interpret with a single clinical score. Using the patient’s score, physicians are able to create a customized plan with patients and their families for a continued course of action if needed. The clinical score is often used as a baseline for future comparison.

Importantly, Cognivue Advanced evaluates 6 cognitive domains: visuospatial, executive function/attention, naming/language, memory, delayed recall and abstraction. Cognivue Advanced also measures two speed performance parameters: reaction time and speed processing.

Cognivue Advanced is an adjunctive tool for evaluating cognitive function. It is not a stand-alone diagnostic tool. Clinical contextualization is required.

Cognivue Advanced Reports

Patient Report

Provides patients a simple overall score.

Physician Report (page 1)

Provides an overall average score and an average score by domain that’s further broken down by each sub-test.

Reaction Time and Speed Processing for the Physician

Provides a thorough overview of the patients average visual and motor reaction time and average speed processing time as it relates broken down by test and compared to the normative range.

Physician Information Page

Provides a convenient overview for physicians to review the results with their patients with suggested follow-up steps based on their clinical score range.


This is the next step to bringing value to my community by promoting cognitive health and using this device to conduct cognitive screenings.

Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP.


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