Cognivue Reports

Cognivue® test results are easy to understand and easy to communicate.

Upon completion of both the 5-minute and 10-minute test, Cognivue immediately creates a one-page, easy-to-interpret report with clinically meaningful correlations. Along with the report summary, a series of reports are automatically generated.

Cognivue Thrive Reports

Thrive Report

Provides brain health scores for the three cognitive domains and two performance parameters.  View PDF>

Health Care Provider Letter

This letter explains the screening should they wish to share their results with a health care professional or a loved one.  View PDF>

CogniWell Program

Provides recommendations on each of the modifiable risk factors that the patient can employ to optimize their cognitive health. View PDF>

Cognivue Clarity Reports

Physician Report (page 1)

Provides an overall average score and an average score by domain that’s further broken down by each sub-test.

Reaction Time and Speed Processing for the Physician (page 2)

Provides a thorough overview of the patients average visual and motor reaction time and average speed processing time as it relates broken down by test and compared to the normative range.

Physician Information Page

Provides a convenient overview for physicians to review the results with their patients with suggested follow-up steps based on their clinical score range.


Incorporating Cognivue Thrive can expand the diagnostic assessment of the patient’s overall health picture, allowing more comprehensive vision care.

Dr. Michael Pier, OD.


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