The Science

Cognivue® evaluates cognitive function in a way that has never been done before.

Cognivue is patient centric and science driven. It is based on FDA-Cleared adaptive psychophysics technology and over 15 years of research focusing on early detection of cognitive impairment. The technology is devised in a way that uniquely calibrates each individual’s motor and visual abilities and continuously adapts to the patient’s performance providing a customized test specifically for each patient.

The technology of psychophysics is the basis for our software algorithm. It quantitatively investigates how much of a stimulus we can detect and how we detect differences between stimuli in the environment using our sensory systems. It allows patients to identify and differentiate the correct stimulus from other incorrect stimuli and uses these responses to dynamically change the test to determine the patient’s thresholds (best achievable score) or failure point.

Cognivue’s adaptive technology is protected by over 17 patents. It promotes consistency as each device is uniformly calibrated, so the clinician can compare scores regardless of the location the patient took the test in, eliminating human subjectivity/inaccuracy.




Cognivue Demo

View the Cognivue test.


Thank you Cognivue for the easiest and most credible cognitive health screener I’ve ever used.

Albert F. Turri, Au.D.


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