Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet that is lower in fat and high in antioxidants is beneficial to your overall wellness and can also help reduce the risk of cognitive decline. A healthy, balanced diet such as the Mediterranean diet is recommended to adults with normal cognition and mild cognitive impairment to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and/or dementia (Mediterranean diet:

Weight loss can indirectly reduce the risk of dementia by improving a variety of metabolic factors linked to cognitive impairment such as glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and inflammation. Interventions for overweight and/or obesity conditions may be offered to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and/or dementia (ADA 2019-2023). Lifestyle interventions that include both a healthy balanced diet and physical activity seem to show the best results (WHO 2019).

Since research on specific diets that can improve tour cognitive function are limited, we recommend consulting a nutritionist who will recommend a diet that’s right for you.




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