Introducing the New Cognivue Advanced™

World's First FDA-Cleared Computerized Test of Cognitive Function

Cognivue Testing Device
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Cognivue for Physicians

Evaluate Cognitive Health When it Matters.

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Optometry & Cognitive Health

Healthy Vision Leads to Healthy Aging.

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Audiology & Cognition

Hearing Loss Can Impact Cognition.

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Employee Wellness

Maintain Productivity and Manage Costs.

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Cognivue for Pharmacists

Community Pharmacy

Consumer Access to Cognitive Screenings.

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Cogniwell Program

CogniWell Program

Empowering You To Take Control of Your Cognitive Health.

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Cognivue objectively, quantitatively and reliably identifies changes in cognitive function that could be indicative of an impairment that you may optimally treat or manage.


Assesses all cognitive domains with a highly sensitive 10-minute test that is supported by the science of adaptive psychophysics.


Calibrated the same across all devices, ensuring consistency and retest reliability while eliminating human error in administering and scoring the test.


Patient administered and reimbursable, producing one overall score that's easy to understand and communicate, with clinically meaningful correlations within key cognitive domains.

Cognivue was intuitively designed to eliminate testing variables. It protects from distractions and light interference and provides the same testing environment between testing sites.


Specific dimensions for every patient and every test with protection from distraction and ambient light interference.


Provides 1 degree of freedom, therefore minimizing all variance in patient response performance.


Scientific algorithm that automatically calculates an average score that’s easy to interpret and understand.

The Science behind


Cognivue is patient centric and science driven. It is based on adaptive psychophysics technology and over 15 years of research.

Protected by over 17 patents, Cognivue's software algorithm uniquely calibrates each individual’s motor and visual abilities and continuously adapts to the patient’s performance providing a customized test specifically for each patient.

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It improved my ability to work with dementia patients and their CGs…I especially like the graphics.

Dr. R. Mittereder, Unity Geriatrics


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