Empowering patients to take action sooner

Our mission is to provide cognitive assessment tools to a broad range of healthcare providers for the early detection of cognitive impairment. Early detection allows patients to address modifiable risk factors sooner, potentially changing the course of cognitive decline. It also allows healthcare providers to develop a plan with the patient and caregiver, so the patient can live their best life during their journey.

Cognivue’s® proprietary FDA-cleared technology is based on adaptive psychophysics. The technology collects 130,000 data points, creating a unique patient experience customized to each patient’s individual visual and motor skills. This reliable test is validated against other recognized gold-standard cognitive assessment tools, while providing an experience custom to each patient. It is a self-administered computerized assessment which removes the bias that can be associated with more traditional cognitive assessment tools, standardizing your approach to testing.

Cognivue’s Digital Cognitive Assessment Devices

Cognivue Clarity® Device

Utilizing Cognivue’s FDA-cleared technology and proprietary algorithm, this 10-minute self-administered computerized assessment easily fits into the workflow of a busy practice. The Cognivue Clarity device evaluates 4 cognitive domains: memory, executive function/attention, discrimination, and visuospatial, as well as two performance parameters.

Cognivue Thrive® Device

Utilizing the same FDA-cleared technology as the Cognivue Clarity, the Cognivue Thrive device is an abbreviated cognitive screening tool. This 5-minute, self-administered computerized assessment easily fits in to the workflow of a busy office or pharmacy. The Cognivue Thrive device evaluates 3 cognitive domains: memory, visuospatial and executive function, as well as two performance parameters.

Clinical data


Cognivue is as effective as MoCA while demonstrating better test-retest reliability10


Cognivue demonstrates good agreement with and superior reliability vs the St. Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS, reference standard) test7


Cognivue is a highly sensitive test for detecting Mild Cognitive Impairment7