Chief Medical Officer

COGNIVUE is seeking a Vice President of Clinical Development & Medical Affairs to join its executive team, reporting to the President/CEO. This individual must be a dynamic, entrepreneurial physician who is passionate about bringing new technology into the healthcare market. To be effective in this role, the Vice President of Clinical & Medical Affairs needs to leverage his/her clinical and industry experience to advance innovation, develop clinical strategy and champion this patient application in business development opportunities. The Vice President of Clinical Development & Medical Affairs will have superior judgment, excellent communications skills, demonstrated leadership, a high level of creativity, and the ability to thrive in a highly collaborative startup environment.


Key Responsibilities include

·        Direct the COGNIVUE medical interactions in development and marketing, with a strong emphasis on development of new label expansions.

·        Liaise with new product development, ensuring that clinical trials and regulatory submissions are performed to highest medical standards.

·        Work closely with COGNIVUE staff and department directors to ensure that the highest standards of clinical outcome are maintained.

·        Take part in forums on cognitive health and function.

·        Participate in development of clinical paradigms to establish best clinical outcomes for COGNIVUE products.

·        Influence and educate Key Opinion Leaders on benefits of COGNIVUE products.

·        Provide high levels of support to marketing of COGNIVUE products and technology.

·        Develop market opportunities for COGNIVUE products by identifying new clinical indications for COGNIVUE products.

·        Lead COGNIVUE clinical consultant activities.

·        Provide ethical and responsible clinical advice pertaining to COGNIVUE products, their use and interpretation both generally and specifically.

·        Assist medical practitioners and researchers in the use of COGNIVUE products and in preparation of publications/presentations where requested.

·        Responsible for facilitating and coordinating KOL alignment activities, including clinical program development, resources, planning and KOL related business development.

·        Represent COGNIVUE in a broad arena of clinical fields: at key clinical international conferences, with major customer presentations, with Regulatory and Government bodies; both presenting and responding to presentations, actively questioning and engaging the clinical community, and addressing objections.

·        Ensure communication between medical and other departments is coordinated to provide efficient and effective product quality.  


Specific Qualifications and Experience Required:



· MD degree required, preferably with Neurology and/or Neuroscience, Neuropsychiatry or Psychiatry formal training.

· Standing in the Neurology community commensurate with an experienced thought and research leader.



· 3-5 years medical experience in neurology/neuroscience/cognitive health/neuropsychiatry/psychiatry.

· 3-5 years Industry experience with emphasis in Strategy/Planning.

· Sound knowledge of cognitive health including dementia, Alzheimer’s, concussion protocol, etc.

· Extensive experience in presentation in medical and scientific forums.

· Extensive experience in organizing and conducting clinical trials.

· Experience in collaborating with regulatory submissions.

· Experience with hospital medical staff, managed care organizations, and continuous quality improvement activities preferred.

· Requires extensive reading, written and verbal communication, presentation, financial/statistical analysis, and use of computer systems and software.


Able to travel up to 40%, may be located anywhere in the United States as working remotely is an option.

Work Visa sponsorship is not available for this position.

No Agencies, please.


I love being a part of a company whose mission is to improve the quality of life for patients as they age. Everyone at Cognivue is dedicated to making a difference and has a true passion for what we do.


I am very impressed with the quality of people that have been selected to work here. The diversity of experience and talent has created an environment of enthusiasm and determination to be successful in bringing this great technology to our customers.


What I love about Cognivue is the amazing team of people who care about you professionally and personally. Here, you’re not just working for a great company, you’re working for a great cause too.


The innovation that Cognivue brings to the medical field is incredible and will have a lasting effect on how we handle the aging of our loved ones. I’m excited to be a part of this long-awaited revolution!


I'm so excited to be working for Cognivue, a company that’s making history and enhancing healthcare. I love being part of a team that is resourceful, encouraging and works together to make an impact.


My favorite things about working at Cognivue are our brilliant, creative, and collaborative team, the opportunity to partner with innovative leaders in the healthcare industry and our commitment to helping create positive change in our country’s approach to cognitive care.


I love being a part of something so innovative and new that when I explain the technology at a social gathering, friends and strangers alike want to know more and want to connect me with someone in a healthcare environment that can benefit from its use.



This is the next step to bringing value to my community by promoting cognitive health and using this device to conduct cognitive screenings.

Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP.


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