Lead the way to early detection

The Cognivue Thrive® device is designed to be a quick cognitive screen used in a wide variety of healthcare settings. Our proprietary technology makes the screen highly sensitive to each individual patient and dynamically adapts as the patient moves through the test. The Cognivue Thrive test detects potential cognitive impairment so that a patient can address modifiable risk factors to potentially change the course of the impairment. Differentiate your office or practice by empowering your patients to take action sooner.

5 Minutes

5-minute test based on FDA‑cleared technology


Objective, self-administered test that removes the potential for bias

Automated Report

Automated reporting generates an easy-to-understand report


Patient interaction is through the CogniWheel, a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-maneuver wheel. This single point of contact allows patients to easily select their answer.

Cognivue Thrive® and Clarity® are indicated for use as adjunctive tools for evaluating cognitive function. They are not a stand-alone diagnostic tool and do not identify the presence or absence of clinical diagnoses. The device results are to be assessed and interpreted by a licensed clinician. Cognivue, Cognivue Thrive, Cognivue Clarity and Cogniwell are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cognivue, in the US and/or other countries. ©2024 Cognivue. All rights reserved.