Cognivue Recruits National Leaders for Audiology Advisory Committee

ROCHESTER, NY (June 28, 2022) Neuroscience company Cognivue has recruited 16 national leaders for its new Audiology Advisory Committee.  Cognivue is an emerging leader in cognitive assessment technologies, data collection, and training programs within healthcare settings across North America. The advisory committee members will share their expertise with clinical, academic and research protocols as it relates to information processing across audition, cognition and psychology. The Cognivue Audiology Advisory Committee held its first meeting June 23.

Cognivue President and CEO Tom O’Neill said, “Hearing loss is the number one modifiable risk factor for dementia. The nationally recognized thought leaders on our Audiology Advisory Committee are helping us take that message to hearing care professionals across the country to share how cognitive assessments can provide early detection and referral for treatment of non-normative results. I am grateful to every one of these professionals for sharing their expertise, vast knowledge, and experience.”

Audiology veteran and Cognivue Vice President of Clinical Sciences Douglas L Beck, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA said, “I had the extraordinary honor of assembling the Cognivue Audiology Advisory Committee. Although I have previously worked with many of the committee members across multiple publications and initiatives, others are people I have studied, admired, referred to and quoted. The Cognivue Audiology Advisory Committee is a collaborative “think tank” with vast clinical, academic, and research skills dedicated to addressing the holistic needs of patients regarding hearing, listening, and communication, based on a patient-centered approach.”

The Cognivue Thrive device provides a five-minute, self-administered computerized screening of cognitive function.  The screening is simple to implement in any clinical environment and requires minimal staff involvement. The device folds up like a laptop and weighs less than eight pounds for easy portability to various locations inside and outside of the clinic.

The Cognivue Audiology Advisory Committee members include:

Amyn Amlani, PhD

President, Otolithic, LLC

Jackie Clark, AuD

Doctor of Audiology Program, University of Texas at Dallas 

Noel Crosby, AuD, F-AAA, Fellow ADA, Fellow FLAA

Owner and Audiologist, Advanced Hearing Solutions 

Keith Darrow, PhD

Co-founder, AuDExperts 

Jill Davis, AuD

Owner, Victory Hearing and Balance

Karen Doherty, PhD, CCC-A

Professor, Syracuse University

Brent Edwards, PhD

Director, National Acoustic Laboratories

Richard Gans, PhD

Founder and Executive Director, American Institute of Balance

Hannah Glick, AuD, PhD, CCC-A

Founder, the HEARO Project, LLC

Amit Gosalia, AuD, FNAP, ABAC

Doctor of Audiology

Douglas A. Lewis JD, PhD, AuD, MBA

President and CEO, Excalibur Hearing and Audiology

Natalie Phillips, AuD

Owner and Audiologist, Audiology Center of Northern Colorado

D’Anne Rudden, AuD, F-AAA, CCC-A

Owner and Doctor of Audiology, Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Cente 

Abigail Sweeney, AuD

Director and Managing Partner, Louisville Family Audiology

Al Turri, AuD

Audiology Director, The Villages Health System

Barbara Weinstein, MA, Mphil, PhD, F-AAA, C-AAA

Professor and Founding Executive Officer, Health Sciences Doctoral Programs, Doctor of Audiology Program, Adjunct Professor of Medicine – NYU Langone Medical Center

About Cognivue, Inc.

Cognivue, Inc. is a world-class neuroscience company focusing on cognitive health with the world’s first FDA-cleared computerized test of cognitive function. The Cognivue device and technology are based on years of research that uses adaptive psychophysics to focus on information processing by testing key cognitive domains. The technology significantly improves the ability of healthcare providers to implement a personalized assessment of cognitive function in a wide variety of care settings. The company is elevating the gold standard of cognitive health assessment and empowering the healthcare community to monitor, identify and act early on cognitive health concerns.

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