Cognivue and American Institute of Balance Partner to Expand Cognitive Screening

ROCHESTER, N.Y., January 10, 2022—Neuroscience company Cognivue, Inc. has partnered with American Institute of Balance (AIB) to make its cognitive screening products and services available to the AIB provider network of certified physicians, audiologists, and physical therapists. AIB is recognized as the leading diagnostic, treatment, and educational research center in vestibular and equilibrium sciences in the United States.

Cognivue President and CEO Tom O’Neill said, “This partnership is one of the biggest actions we have taken to bring cognitive screening into new clinical environments. With access to our Clarity and Thrive screening devices and training, AIB audiologists, physical therapists, neurologists, and ENT providers can go beyond their usual assessments to include the early detection of cognitive decline and follow-up education. We are grateful to AIB for recognizing the power and importance of having cognitive assessment become more widely available.”

Cognivue technologies are designed to give healthcare providers a useful tool for cognitive evaluation and diagnosis of various neurodegenerative and neuropsychological disorders. The Cognivue Clarity and Thrive devices provide a five or ten-minute, self-administered computerized screening of cognitive function based on proprietary FDA-cleared technology that evaluates up to six domains and two performance parameters. The screening is simple to implement in any clinical environment and requires minimal staff involvement. The devices fold up like a laptop and weigh less than eight pounds for easy portability, so they can move to various locations inside and outside of the clinic.

AIB Founder Richard E. Gans, Ph.D., said, “Our partnership with Cognivue gives AIB providers a proven tool to better care for their patients, letting them assess cognitive function in conjunction with checking balance and vestibular function. Early detection of decline in any of these factors can help healthcare professionals define the best course of action for positive outcomes. This aligns with our mission to provide consistent, high-quality, evidence-based care to patients and professional development to providers around the world.”

The partnership also includes a real-world data collection project among participating AIB providers to explore the potential connection between vestibular function and cognition. In addition, Cognivue and AIB will implement special promotions, direct-to-consumer marketing, and Continuing Education Unit-eligible provider events to accelerate adoption.

About Cognivue, Inc.

Cognivue, Inc. is a world-class neuroscience company focusing on cognitive health with the world’s first FDA-cleared computerized test of cognitive function. The Cognivue device and technology are based on years of research that uses adaptive psychophysics to focus on cortical information processing by testing key cognitive domains. The technology significantly improves the ability of healthcare providers to implement a personalized assessment of cognitive function in a wide variety of care settings. The company is elevating the gold standard of cognitive health assessment and empowering the healthcare community to monitor, identify and act on early detection of cognitive health concerns. For more information, call (585) 203-1969 or visit

About American Institute of Balance

American Institute of Balance was founded in 1992 and is among the country’s largest multi-specialty centers for evaluation and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders. AIB’s therapy programs are used by physicians, audiologists, and therapists worldwide. The Institute is committed to providing consistent, high-quality, evidence-based care in balance health to all persons and providing professional development to practitioners throughout the world.

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