Cognivue & DigiCARE Realized Partner to Offer Health Systems an AI-Powered Approach

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (Aug. 2, 2023)Cognivue, Inc. and DigiCARE Realized today announced a strategic partnership to improve routine brain care across health care systems, focusing on earlier detection of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD).

Coming on the heels of the landmark FDA approval of Leqembi, this collaboration will draw upon two transformative cognitive assessment technologies. DigiCARE Realized’s artificial intelligence technology analyzes electronic health records network-wide, detecting patients with undiagnosed, early-stage ADRD with approximately 80% accuracy with one year prediction horizon. FDA-cleared Cognivue Clarity® technology objectively evaluates six cognitive domains in only 10 minutes in order to assess early signs of cognitive impairment.

“Early detection is the first step to a timely and accurate Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It is also essential given emerging treatment. The time is now to implement modernized approaches to manage cognitive health for all,” said Brittany Cassin, CEO of DigiCARE Realized. “Given the higher rates of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia found in African American and Hispanic communities, better brain care requires innovation. Cognivue shares this perspective and our commitment to address this problem in an equitable and accessible way.”

In the United States, Alzheimer’s disease affects 6.7 million people and more than 11 million caregivers, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.[i] Associated costs are projected to reach $1 trillion by 2050. Current early detection approaches for Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive diseases are not standardized nor scalable for most urban and rural communities. Data published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society also suggests that nearly 50% of patients with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases are undiagnosed. For those who are diagnosed, confirmation can take up to five years of multiple medical visits.

Tom O’Neill, CEO of Cognivue, said, “Our DigiCARE Realized partnership will offer health systems a comprehensive method to bring better brain health to their communities, with an innovative means to detect and therefore treat Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive illnesses earlier. It also opens door for follow-on advancements and flexible models that could improve patient outcomes in all populations. ”

Cognivue and DigiCARE Realized have begun health system engagement with key customers in select target markets. Both organizations remain independently owned and managed, and terms of the partnership were not disclosed.


About DigiCARE Realized

DigiCARE Realized is an emerging AI technology firm, commercializing evidence-based solutions to modernize care for complex brain disease through decision intelligence in early detection and care management. Founded by Brittany Cassin, a Hispanic female, and built on pioneering research from the Indiana University, its initial focus is Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, seeking to realize equitable, accessible, and patient-centered care. The company collaborates with health systems to deliver routine brain care for a growing aging population. For more information, email or visit

About Cognivue, Inc.

Cognivue, Inc. is a world-class neuroscience company focusing on cognitive health with the world’s first FDA-cleared computerized test of cognitive function. The Cognivue device and technology are based on years of research that uses adaptive psychophysics to focus on information processing by testing key cognitive domains. The technology significantly improves the ability of healthcare providers to implement a personalized assessment of cognitive function in a wide variety of care settings. The company is elevating the gold standard of cognitive health assessment and empowering the healthcare community to monitor, identify and act early on cognitive health concerns. For more information, call (585) 203-1969 or visit

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Mike McDougall, APR, Fellow PRSA, FAAO

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[i] Alzheimer’s Association 2023. Accessed 6/21/2023.